Postpartum Support

Accepting new clients starting September 2022. Contact me for advance scheduling.

Newborns are born into the world like sponges. Their nervous systems are hyper-sensitive to the feelings, sensations, gestures and thoughts of their caregivers as well as to their sensory environment. The first days, weeks and months after birth are so vitally important for brain development that this time is considered a sensitive period conferring both opportunity and risk. Newborns require a careful balance of sensory stimulation, settling and responsive caregiving to nurture healthy brain development. Extensive studies demonstrate that if these needs are not met during this sensitive period, infants can develop maladaptive patterns that negatively affect learning, attachment and emotion regulation later in childhood. Once these patterns develop, it is very difficult to change them. I support families during this special and vulnerable time by providing emotional support, sharing relevant science and offering individualized skills that will help your newborn have the best shot at a good life. I also provide specialized newborn care, including sleep support and night care, so that parents can rest assured knowing their child is safe and receiving responsive care.

Emotional support for individuals experiencing difficulty conceiving, miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion and other forms of loss is available. You are encouraged to contact me in order to receive the support you deserve to process and integrate your experience.


Initial intake- $90

10 hours- $500

25 hours- $900

50 hours- $2000

BIPOC-identified parents receive a 5% discount