Community Care Squad

The community care squad is a mixed-race, collaboratively run group that supports Black, Indigenous and parents of color. Each month a recipient is nominated to receive care from the squad appropriate to their unique needs. Previous recipients have received massage, childcare, house cleaning and culturally-appropriate home cooked meals among other supports.

We are based on a feminist ethics of care that resists racism and patriarchy by caring for victims of systemic violence through concrete, actionable and emotionally responsive support. We address the embodied and emotional care needs of recipients, such as a need for rest, body work and nourishing food, which are typically repressed in capitalist societies and overlooked in social justice efforts that seek to provoke systemic change at a macro-level. Further, care needs are often framed individualistically within capitalism such that the onus of responsibility is placed on the individual to care for themselves (a.k.a. self care). Instead, we advocate for a model of community care that places the onus of responsibility on the collective to care for individuals of systemic violence. 

Here’s how you can help!

Volunteer to make a meal for this month’s recipient:

Donate to fund a gift certificate to the grocery store for this month’s recipient: