About Us

The Embody Play method combines yoga, mindfulness and creative play to facilitate somatic inquiry with the aim of teaching life skills, such as emotion regulation, focus/concentration and healthy attachment. The purpose of embodiment is to develop awareness of inner and outer experiences, to feel and understand how thoughts and emotions manifest in the body through impulse and sensation. Through contemplative practices such as mindfulness and yoga, students are encouraged to engage in the ancient practice of “paying attention on purpose”[1] while using breath, movement and sensory integration to bring awareness to and regulate their body physiology. The benefits of yoga and mindfulness include: decrease in stress, improved focus and attention, heightened empathy and compassion, improved impulse control and self-regulation and reduced emotional reactivity. The use of creative play (including games, art, music etc.) ensures that our classes are full of laughter and lightheartedness to enhance their educational value. Through play, we communicate complex ideas in a universal language that motivates students of all ages to deepen and sustain their commitment to self-care and wellness.

What the kids have to say…

“My favorite part of playing yoga is dancing because we get to do fun moves and it feels really happy inside me.” -Lily, age 6

“I like going on yoga adventures because we get to pretend and it feels so fun!” -Lexi, age 6

 “I like playing mindfulness because it helps me go to a quiet place and let my feelings spill out.” –Martha, age 9

What parents have to say…

“My daughters—ages 3 and 6—and I love Embody Play Yoga. We’ve been to other family yoga practices and have generally preferred the sessions with a high level of child-inclusivity. Embody Play Yoga, however, is entirely distinct. Embody Play engages body and imagination, individual contributions and cooperation, self-expression and togetherness. This is not don’t-touch-your-neighbor, your-mat-is-your-space yoga. This is yoga on a spaceship, yoga as food, yoga in the shape of your name, yoga where the group tickles your toes. For me, the challenge with Embody Play Yoga has little to do with how engaged my kids are—at Embody Play they’re all engaged—but on how engaged, or free and fun as a child, I allow myself to be. Therein lies the reward. Once past my adult inhibitions, it is wonderful to be fully at play.”

– Zondie, super mom and child-at-heart

[1] (Kabat-Zinn 2003)