Children and Youth Mental Health

Parent coaching

Parenting a child with emotional regulation, attentional and attachment difficulties can be challenging, isolating and leave even the best parents feeling defeated and resigned. I am here to remind you that you are doing revolutionary work that will change the world and you don’t have to do it alone. Parents receive information, practical skills and emotional support for their parenting. During our sessions, you will learn tools that will help you connect with your children while they learn life skills. My approach is attachment focused and trauma-informed and is strongly influenced by my training with Hand in Hand parenting. I recommend that parents research the approach before enrolling in coaching sessions.


60 minutes- $100

BIPOC sliding scale $75-$100



“Finding [Embody Play] in the community was beyond luck! My family first started taking free classes offered in our apartment complex, moved onto their donation based classes then to private mindfulness sessions for my 7-year old son. He has a trauma history, PTSD, ADHD, RAD and SPD diagnosis. As a result of the mindfulness-based play Leticia teaches, I witnessed immense growth in his ability to regulate his emotions, develop healthy attachment and concentrate. Today, I read him a story while he sat in my lap waiting for an appointment with his therapist. Three months ago he was throwing the book at my head.  Six months ago he was tearing out the pages and eating them. Today, he was able to sit quietly engaged while I finished reading the entire book. I wasn’t sure that would be possible with him, but I see a light now at the end of this tunnel.” -T.K.

“Leticia has done more for my son in one year than others have done in a decade of therapy. ”  B.B.